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Steps to Buy

Buying a house can seem overwhelming at times, whether it is your first time or not, I am here to help you every step of the way when purchasing your new place to call home. I am going to share with you the process, how I can help you, share numerous resources and aide you in any way I can. My 25+ plus years in real estate has left me nothing but knowledge and resources to make your purchase rewarding and a smooth process. Lets get started!

When I began my real estate career in the 70s my Broker made me memorize three words Location Location Location! Then everything else comes afterwards.

Location should always be your first consideration, just because a home may have a better price and more amenities does not mean it is necessarily the better choice. Also should the time ever come where life takes you elsewhere, having a good location in a down market will most certainly give you the advantage over the competition, and having a good location in a great market give you more dollars in your pocket. Location is essential when finding your new place.

Enjoying your home
I want to keep you away from railroad tracks, busy streets, power lines, airport noise and any other detriment to the property. Also keep in mind when we begin our adventure of touring properties, I am watching for these hazards as part of my commitment to you as your agent. I will let you know if I think it isn’t a good idea. I see hundreds homes a year, there is no emotion attached to my observations, I watch for special community amenities, street width, setbacks between houses, what direction does the home face and so many other factors of a potential property. As a buyer you need to personally check any items that might be a concern for you, as to some it might not be that important and vice versa.
Search criteria
What are you looking for in the home? How much are you willing to pay, what is your budget? The lowest and the highest you will go? How many bedrooms? Bathrooms? Amenities if any? All these things factor into buying a home. Your advance preparation will give you the advantage of being able to say No or Yes more quickly with a feeling of comfort when the magic moment finally arrives.

You can spend some time reviewing the active MLS listings on my website in order to become familiar with areas, styles, sizing and pricing. I will also be selecting homes in strict accordance with what you ask me to find for you. Remember, you too will be selecting your new home by “comparison shopping”, with good probability that your pricing- feel will come from a combination of actual property viewing plus INTERNET photos and write ups. This means when the magic moment comes that you know you have found “it”, you should already have a reasonable idea of area-size-amenities and appropriate price.

Mortgage Lender
Select your mortgage lender. Unless you are planning an all cash purchase please work with me when selecting a lender for your real estate transaction. You must have a lender experienced with Arizona Real Estate transactions. In Arizona you have to be LOAN APPROVED before I can submit an offer on your behalf.

If you are from out of state, your lender doesn’t always understand how business is done here and can sometimes hinder your efforts to purchase the property. It has been my experience that they just farm it out to a lender here and receive a referral fee for doing so. Many times that lender doesn’t have the experience or money to complete the transaction.

This is a very important step of purchasing a property and it not to be taken lightly and that is what I am here for. My feelings are “Can they get the job done ‘on time’ with conditions/rates they promised? We need them to be responsive to use when we have questions. Lenders who do not call me back only get one chance with me.

Word of caution: Internet lenders are hard to work with because of their transparency. If we have a problem they are nearly impossible to reach, in addition some internet lenders are actually identity theft scams and in Arizona we have been warned not to trust them. I know all of this may seem much, but that is what I am here for to help you along the way.

The process after you found “the one”
Once you have found a property that could be your new “home” my goal will be to get your offer accepted followed by a smooth transaction, and ending up with your new keys and a home you are proud to own. Everything followed after the cashing of your earnest money check, and submission of the offer is where my work just begins. I will be there every step of the way and keeping you informed as well as being there for the inspections, I have a list of home inspection companies available upon request.
How I can help you
An initial one hour meeting with me, I like to review with my clients their specific search criteria, their financial documentation, contact information. I also go over the buyer-representation forms with you, Arizona Real Estate Law requires that you designate what type of representation you want for your property purchase and then authorize me to work for you. I will explain to you how automatic search works and answer any and all questions you have, this will only be the beginning of your home buying experience.

I have over 25+ years in the real estate business and have seen the highs and lows that has been associated with it through time. I am qualified and will be working with you every step of the way. I am not an “instant agent” when I am working with you I like to give you my full attention which means I must turn my cell phone off. My time with you is only for you! My philosophy is that every client will receive nothing but a full through effort from me. Your experience will be one of superior service and excellence. For more information about me please feel free to visit the About Me section on the site.


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