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I want you to know that my real estate service extends beyond Arizona. Because of my many years in business, and my numerous industry designations I have network sources throughout the United States for experienced real estate agents.
Moving to another state can seem daunting at times, and often leave some with no idea where to start. I can assist you and make sure you hit the ground running in the new state you will soon be calling home..I can help you with the process and make it a bit smoother for you and your family.
If you know anyone who might want to move ANYWHERE! “Either a Buyer or Seller” Any State, any City anywhere within or across the Nation, then “REFER” them to me. I will do my best to help them have the same quality real estate experience that my in-city clients have.
How does this work as a “benefit” off YOUR referral?

Whenever possible I like to do my homework, prior to sending a referral the CB channels. I review my on-going personal files for top agents which previously got referred to, and check the “Network Associations” which I belong, to select several prospective referral agents. I have a process which I follow, in checking and reviewing their websites and reference information, I follow up with a “telephone interview” and try to see and make sure they are a good match before routing through Caldwell Banker.

Usually this turns out well. On a rare occasion there is a personality mis-match. In the unlikely event this happens, I need to know ASAP because then I can obtain a replacement agent.

So I am asking you to let us help someone you know have the same quality real estate experience as my in state clients.


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