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Prep your home to sell

Preparing your home for sale

A fun task at hand to turn your home into an irresistible property for potential buyers to fall in love with. Prepping your home also makes sure you get top dollar, and takes it off the market faster.

There are numerous way to prep your home everything from cosmetic lifts, to cleaning everything possible in the house. Here are some ways you can prep your house to make sure you give the best first impression possible to potential buyers.


  • Lawn mowed and trimmed
  • Landscape shrubs/plants trimmed
  • Sprinkler system in order
  • Sprinkler systems set for non showing house
  • Bulbs in exterior lighting all working
  • Gutters clean of debris
  • Deck rails, hand rails secure
  • Exterior trim painted
  • Exterior door handles polished
  • Exterior door freshly painted or stained
  • Weeds in yard fully removed
  • Sidewalks neatly edged
  • Clean grease or oil on driveway
  • All fencing clean
  • Replace doormat if worn
  • Outside windows clean
  • No obstruction on “For Sale” sign


  • Storage or packing boxes stored off the site if possible
  • Other items neatly boxed and stored
  • Garage floor clean
  • Remove clutter and tidy up shelves


  • All Appliances clean
  • Clean and clear countertops
  • Pantry well organized
  • Dishes out of sink
  • All Cabinets well organized
  • All faucets working properly
  • Refrigerator defrosted and free of odors


  • Clean and free of clutter
  • Clothes organized
  • Shoes organized
  • Clutter removed
  • Dirty clothes out of sight
  • Valuables secured (jewelry etc)
  • Free of odors
  • Create extra room to look ample


  • Repair crack in ceiling and walls
  • Remove personal items (photos etc)
  • Remove clutter
  • Draperies and blinds clean
  • Fresh paint if needed
  • Toys, video games etc put away
  • Beds neatly made
  • Blinds and shades open to let in natural light


  • All sinks, tubs, shows, and countertops clean
  • Grout in tiles and sinks clean
  • All joints are caulked
  • All fixtures including exhaust fans are working
  • Install new shower curtain if needed
  • Store all shampoos, toiletries etc
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Toilets clean and working properly
  • All glass and mirrors clean

Living Areas

  • All windows clean
  • Neutral colored walls
  • Draperies and blinds clean
  • Carpets steam cleaned
  • Clutter removed
  • Furniture positioned to showcase size and space
  • All toys, video games etc put away
  • Extra books or magazines removed
  • All lighting functioning properly
  • Shades and windows open to allow natural light
  • Any signs or smells of pet removed

Day of Showing

  • Open all drapes and curtains
  • Leave porch lights on at night to showcase
  • Avoid cooking a meal that would leave distinct odors
  • Keep all pets in an area away from prospects
  • Keep children occupied in one room
  • If possible, leave the house while being shown
  • Give brief polite answers if asked a question
  • Allow your agent to show
  • Allow your agent to negotiate

All these tips and things you can do to prepare your home to be sold, you only have one chance to make a first impression and this is the time to let your home shine so you can make a great sale!


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